Varvaria / Berberium / Bribir: Historical Layers Revealed

Nov 21 - May 24 2020       Matoševa 9
Why It's Must See: The Croatian History Musuem presents Bribirska Glavica, one of the most important archaeological sites in Croatia. It was the site of Liburnian and Roman Varvaria as well as medieval Breberium, a seat of the most powerful Croatian medieval kindred, the Šubići of Bribir. The visible ruins on Bribirska Glavica have attracted much archaeological interest for over 100 years and the exhibition is based on excavated archaeological material and findings; fit for any passionate historian. 

Nearby: As you are in the heart of the Old Upper Town, visit the Croatian National Parliament and St. Mark’s Church. At first dusk when the stars and moon become clearer, light bearers appear and you can follow them light up 217 age old gas lamps which illuminate the streets. Reward yourself with a beverage in the ‘Under the Old Roofs Inn’, the oldest such inn which opened in 1830. 



Nov 21 2019 - May 24 2020
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