Hildegard Skowasch. Close your eyes

Jul 13 - Oct 13 2019       ul. Cystersów 18 (Oliwa Park), Gdańsk
Hildegard Skowasch's work is characterized by considerable liberty: neither material nor medium determines function or expression. Her artworks form a surreal world. The artist works in various mediums such as drawing, sculpture, and installations, creating abstract worlds that are detached from any context. She herself calls her works "improvisations" - she combines various elements together and keeps re-working them until they become unified. The artist embraces errors and accidents as an inherent part of her creative process. Her amorphous paper sculptures are magical, witty, and sometimes disturbing. They form unique tableaux, inviting an audience to interact, which becomes an act of improvisation itself. 




Open 09:00-16:00. Sat, Sun 10:00-17:00, Closed Mon. Jul 13 2019 - Oct 13 2019
Museum of Modern Art
ul. Cystersów 18 (Oliwa Park), Gdańsk
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Admission 6/10zł

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