Puck, 10 February 1920: An Eyewitness Account

Feb 10 - May 31 2021       ul. Ołowianka 9-13, Gdańsk
While Polish Independence is usually associated with 11th November 1918, the official end of WWI, it should be remembered that the new free Polish state certainly didn't emerge in a single day. One of the most important dates in the formation of the Second Polish Republic came on the 10 February 1920, when the symbolic 'Marriage to the Sea' ceremony was held in Puck, acknowledging Poland's newly-acquired and rather contentious access to the Baltic.

Puck, 10 February 1920: An Eyewitness Account is the story of the path that the Polish State sought before and after independence and an attempt to describe what happened on the Baltic Sea after its recovery. The National Maritime Museum presents the most important monuments from their collection, to celebrate the event's centenary. 



Feb 10 2020 - May 31 2021
National Maritime Museum - Main Branch
ul. Ołowianka 9-13, Gdańsk
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Admission 12/8zł.

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