St. Dominic's Fair

Saturday Jul 22 - Sunday Aug 13       Targ Węglowy

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The biggest annual event in Gdańsk's cultural calendar, St. Dominic's Fair (or Jarmark Dominika, or simply Jarmark as it’s often referred to in Polish), is on par with Weihnachtsmarkt and Oktoberfest when it comes to size, visibility and popularity. The festival dates all the way to 1260, when it was established by Pope Alexander IVth - back in the good old days when a fair could persuade you to attend a pardon mass and cut your stay in purgatory by a whopping 100 days. Originally the fair kicked off with bell ringing and the call for around 400 ships to come to Gdańsk to ply their wares. It was always an important event for the town in which the King and nobility took part; the most memorable being in 1310 when the Teutonic knights used the convenient absence of the King and invaded. The Fair was celebrated annually up to World War II, when it began a break that would last for the next 33 years.

These days the fair officially gets underway with a special bugle call, to which one note is added each year; in 2022, the bugle call will have 761 notes. The President of Gdańsk then gives the keys to the city gates to the merchants and three weeks of festivities begin! Occuring all throughout Gdańsk's Old Town, among the merchant stalls of St. Dominic's Fair you can find almost anything from rare antiques to local handicrafts and regional delicacies. These open-air markets are accompanied by a vast programmme of events, ranging from outdoor concerts and street parades, to workshops and sporting events.

Undoubtedly the most exciting time to visit Gdańsk, St. Dominic's Fair is attended by over 6 million people each year. As a result of its popularity, this year the city has made special arrangements to keep things organised. Drivers are encouraged to leave their vehicles at the P3 carpark at Polsat Plus Arena, or the AmberExpo carpark next to it, and take a special free bus to the centre; the parking fee is 20zł/day. These busses will be running every 30mins from 09:00-21:00 and get you to the Fair in 20mins.



Jul 22 2023 - Aug 13 2023
Targ Węglowy
Targ Węglowy
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