Rękawka Festival

Tuesday Apr 23 12:00–17:30       above ul. Maryewskiego
Though today thought of as a Cracovian Easter tradition (celebrated the Tuesday after Easter Sunday), Rękawka actually has its roots in pagan rites of spring, particularly Dziady (Forefathers) - a pre-Christian tradition of communing with the dead, who were thought to be the guardians of fertility and reproduction. Taking place on and around Krakus Mound - the city's oldest and most mysterious structure - for centuries the tradition apparently consisted of venerating the dead by rolling bread, eggs, bagels and coins down the side of the mound to the crowds below. Today the tradition has morphed into a gathering of mediaeval re-enactors, who travel from across Poland to participate in the setting up of a Slavic encampment around the Mound, which aims for authenticity in the participants' attire, activities, shelter and food (which guests can try). There will be workshops, archery and other games for kids, plus historical costumes, leather goods and historical souvenirs for sale. But more than just a fair, there's actually an entire programme for the day, highlights of which include the pagan 'Drowning of Marzanna' rite at 13:00, performances of Slavic legends at 14:45 and 16:30, an all-out medieval battle at 15:30, and the fiery funeral of King Krak at 17:15. Simultaneously on Lasota Hill you'll find a typical fun fair full of balloons, games, trinkets and a few rides - basically the same vendors and hullabaloo that were at the Emaus Fair the day before.



Apr 23 2019 12:00–17:30
Krakus Mound
above ul. Maryewskiego
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