Motherland in Art

Apr 27 - Sep 30 2018       ul. Lipowa 4
Is motherland a place where you are born and defend its culture and borders with strong isolationist thinking? Is the world divided by us vs. them? Is motherland a collection of people with different ideas coming together to find a common ground? Do we live in a world of division or one where we see a universal homeland? One called Earth. Artists have long been people that have been able to cross borders and see other ‘motherlands’ as a way of inspiration. They communicate in a global language, one filled with colors and imagery. Their ideas and messages displayed in a form that unites us all as humans. ‘What does motherland mean to us?’, perhaps it's best to have a look at what the artists think. The exhibition Motherland in Art intends to compile and present the most striking proposals.



Apr 27 2018 - Sep 30 2018
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Admission 14/7zł, Tue free.

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