Till now available as an online delivery service or through their Varna-based shop, Indian and British food shop Sokoni has now opened in Sofia's student town. Stocking a vast range of Indian foods, spices, ready meals and ayurvedic cosmetics, you can also find British food items there.

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Sokoni Comments

  • Hi Carol thanks for the reviews... we now have a large sign in English as well as Bulgarian.. with A Union Jack Flag on the sign and an Indian Flag as well... thank you all for visiting our shop and we look forward to make it better each time you visit..
  • Brilliant shop! Couldn't believe the great range of curry sauce mixes. It was a bit difficult to find though - no shop sign or anything just a poster in the window for ayurvedic cosmetics!


bul. Nikola Gabrovski 108


(+359) 885762542


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