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EstoniaCastle at Haapsalu
Estonia is a country of striking natural beauty and stunning seaside locations joined together with historical and modern contrasts. Formerly a Soviet occupied country, it gained its independence in 1991 and since has seen radical changes including its entry into NATO and the EU in 2004. Now a prosperous and forward-thinking country, Estonia is at the same time an ancient land with loads of historical sights and interesting tales to tell. For the last ten years, the country has enjoyed a building and renovation boom that continues today; however some of its former rugged beauty such as ruins and the soviet sights are beginning to disappear. If you want to experience the full range of what Estonia has to offer and still catch a glimpse of what the country looked like during the occupation, you may want to book a flight soon. Of course we’ll always have Tallinn’s Old Town and numerous other centuries-old sights all over Estonia, which have been preserved and protected for the centuries to come. Whether it is for the nature, the culture or the history, we welcome you to explore Estonia and wish you an enjoyable stay.

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