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Switzerland In Your PocketSwitzerland In Your Pocket
Mountains, chocolate and banks - that's what Switzerland is typically known for. But this landlocked country surrounded by the European Union has much more going for it than these stereotypes suggest.

Besides truly spectacular landscapes there are several lively cities with vibrant cultural scenes and quieter corners. Given the small size of Swiss cities this may be surprising - but with train travelling time between the major centres Zurich, Basel and Bern less than an hour, the Swiss lowlands can be seen as one big urban centre anyway.

Our tried and tested Zurich In Your Pocket guide will help you navigate the sights, sounds and culinary summits of Switzerland's largest city and commercial capital. And the brand new Lucerne In Your Pocket guide is a warm invitation to this classic destination, a culturally rich little city set in an almost unreal scenery of lakes and mountains!


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