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A real humdinger of a destination, just mentioning Albania is sure to put a stop to the conversation at any Islington or Greenwich Village dinner party.

Once one of the world's most closed-off and strictly controlled countries, Albania was left with no friends at all after shunning both the Soviets and the Chinese for being 'revisionist' to the ideals of Stalinism. But now it's one of Europe's most dynamic economies, and a country worth relishing.

Whatever the reason for your visit, our online and print Tirana In Your Pocket, Shkodra In Your Pocket city guides and the Korça In Your Pocket and Pogradec In Your Pocket city guides will help you navigate a country that has been widely reported from, yet remains all but unknown.

On this website you can browse the full texts of our Tirana, Pogradec, Korça and Shkodra guides for free; you can download our free Tirana, Korça and Shkodra PDF guides to print out at home. Once you are in Albania, you can buy the Tirana In Your Pocket guide, which includes useful maps and photos, at several shops for the nice price of 500 lek, about €4.

Enjoy Albania... but before you go, have a look at some of the Albania In Your Pocket videos.

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