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È tutto vero!

In Your Pocket has been quietly making a splash in Italy for some time, but with the launch this spring of Milan In Your Pocket - our biggest and best Italian guide yet - we've moved things up a notch. We now cover a number of Italian cities: Milan, Trieste and Venice on the mainland, as well as Cagliari, Oristano and Porto Torres on the amazing island of Sardinia. We have all of these places well and truly pocketed, providing visitors with a wealth of information, most of which is essential, some of which is merely quirky.
If you want to get in touch with our teams in Italy, maybe to tell us about something we've missed (heavens forbid!) or think we should include in future guides, drop us a line at (for Milan, Cagliari, Oristano and Porto Torres) or (for Trieste and Venice).

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