Sound and Light Show

Sound and Light Show
An audio visual spectacle using music and light to evoke the dramatic and turbulent historic events around Tsarevets and the city of Tarnovo.
Free show on all bank holidays and the Day of Veliko Tarnovo.
Starts after dark.
For other viewing dates, the information is vague and we suggest you contact the local Tourist Information Centre or check their website
On these occasions viewers pay to view (and hear) from a special viewing deck.

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Sound and Light Show Comments

  • Absolutely brilliant show - managed a special deal at Yantra Hotel which had view over fortress. Can't get deal this year so will be trying to find a hotel with guaranteed view. THAT way you stay warm if weather bad. Thanks to the guys that do the show. The BG tourist board should give you a hefty grant. Truly amazing spectacle. A must see!
  • You can book the venue for a private party, contact or call +35962 622 148 that way you will not be standing in the cold :-)
  • Next show Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December at 7pm 2012
  • Do you have to stand outside in the freezing temperatures to enjoy it )
  • Free Sound and Light shows announced for December 10th 17th and 24th starting at 19 00.
  • The next free show to the public will be on 22nd September 2011 at 8pm outside the fortress.

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