Indoor Promenade (Passeggiata Coperta)

Indoor Promenade (Passeggiata Coperta)
The Indoor Promenade is contemporary to the Saint Remy Rampart and it is in fact built within its structure. Featuring shiny marble floors, high ceilings, supported by grand arches and pillars, it has been used as a location for exhibitions since as early as the 1930s and it was then heavily damaged by WWII air-raids. It was brought back to its original aspect, further refurbished in the 1980s and again in the 2000s. It is enshrined within the old city fortified walls, parts of which are currently visible inside. This fine venue is managed and used by the city authorities to host temporary exhibitions and installations, as well as meetings and conferences.

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Closed for repairs.


Piazza Costituzione


(+39) 347 000 39 88

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