National Gallery (Pinacoteca Nazionale)

A contemporary building hosts the National Gallery. In its three floors, parts of the old Spanish and Savoy city walls have been integrated with the rooms where the pictures are on display. Most of the works of the museum were gathered during the 19th century, when the new-born Italian kingdom claimed ownership over Church property. Another important part of the collection is made of the pictures which used to be held at the no longer existing St Francis's church, many dating as far back as the 14th century. Also on display, works by Sardinian artist Pietro Cavaro, active between 1508 and 1538. 

Admission €5, 18-25 €2.50, U18 free. First Sunday of the month admission free. Joint saver ticket for the National Gallery and the National Archaeological Museum €10, conc. €5.

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Open 09:00 - 19:15. Closed Mon.


Piazza Arsenale 1


(+39) 070 60 51 82 45
(+39) 070 66 24 96


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