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's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)
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We proudly present the seventh edition of ‘s-Hertogenbosch In Your Pocket, the only complete city guide to Holland’s most beautiful city. Obviously this colourful book is once again filled to the brim with hundreds of independently written reviews of restaurants, hotels, bars, museums and other establishments that are interesting for both locals and visitors. Don’t settle for dozens of loose leaflets or brochures scattered about town. Den Bosch In Your Pocket has all of the information you need and much more bundled together in one handy guide, which also happens to fit in your pocket. Naturally, we can’t publish all of the reviews we’ve written in the following 84 pages, so if you want to know even more about the prettiest city in Brabant you’ll have to find us online at or on our iphone/iPad app available free of charge at Apple’s app store. In fact, In Your Pocket has been providing objective information sprinkled with a bit of humour about dozens of lesser-known European cities for over 22 years and thanks to our international network information about ‘s-Hertogenbosch can be found from Dublin and Moscow to Berlin to Bucharest. But you won’t find only reviews of Den Bosch’s old town here, but also its beautiful surroundings including a separate feature on St. Michielsgestel. More intrepid travellers will also find an interesting feature on hot air ballooning. For comments, recommendations, tips, rants, complaints or whatever else about this guide drop us a line at

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