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's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)
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After many months of sleepless nights researching, writing, pounding Red Bull, eating at local restaurants, drinking beer at pubs, editing, entering data, gulping tea by the litre, visiting museums and, yes, even sampling legal ganja, In Your Pocket is proud to present the eighth edition of ’s-Hertogenbosch In Your Pocket, a complete guide to the city also known as Den Bosch and its surrounding sights. Read up on the city’s native son Jheronimus Bosch and discover why he was such a maverick of the art world in the 15th century century. We’re certain that once you see ’s-Hertogenbosch you’ll understand why we decided to cover this little jewel, that the Dutch visit in droves and that foreigners are only now discovering. In other words, while a trip to Amsterdam is on every tourist’s radar, this charming town of 120,000 souls will seduce you with its cobblestone streets, charming canals, vibrant cafés, and medieval architecture, and leave you wondering why you’re the first person you know who’s made the trip to this historic town.

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