Die Zukunft

‘The Future’ is a small club in a Langstrasse district basement, and is Zurich’s premier space for freaky electro, house and crossover party styles. The entrance is hidden in a passage between two buildings next to the Bar 3000. Getting past the doormen is sometimes difficult, though the policy is not obvious: you just have to fit to the crowd already inside. Once you are in, you will find revellers who don’t tire of partying until the break of dawn.

Admission around 20Sfr, Thu free.

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Open Thu 23:00 - late, Fri & Sat 24:00 - late. Bar 3000 open Tue - Fri 18:00 - late, Sat 20:00. Wed often concerts.


Dienerstrasse 33


+41 43 535 60 13



Tram station:


Smoking place

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