Splendid Piano Bar

Every night for 35 years now the pianist has been entertaining the crowd here - well, it's been maybe more than one musician. The bar of the hotel Splendid in the centre of the Niederdorf district attracts people with all kind of backgrounds. Many have been around a lot longer than this bar, but youngsters pass by too while bar hopping in the area. This makes the Splendid a lively place at night. If you come late, just join in with the guests when the pianist starts to sing one of those evergreens.

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Splendid Piano Bar Comments

  • exciting pianobar------people from all world and walks of life------I,too, am one of the pianoplayers to have had the luxury of working in this fine venue------I was treated like a queen-------Appreciated as a female musician inthis lovely setting.It is Splendid.


Open 17:00 - 02:00, Fri & Sat 17:00 - 04:00.


Rosengasse 5


+41 44 252 58 50



Tram station:


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