The Kronenhalle is Zurich's most legendary restaurant: top bankers, artists, authors, editors-in-chief and celebrities come to the famous brasserie on Bellevueplatz - and mix with (well dressed) ordinary people. Lots of dark wood and original paintings by Mirò and Picasso on the walls give the brasserie its classic yet old-fashioned look - nothing has changed in decades. The food (classics: schnitzel with cucumber salad, bouillon with liver dumplings) is good, pricey, but certainly not as important as the see-and-be-seen. There is a salon for private dinners and a cocktail-bar.

(28 - 76Sfr)

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Open 12:00 - 24:00, Kitchen open until 23:15. Closed August 4 - 31.


Rämistrasse 4


+41 44 262 99 00


Tram station:


Credit Cards City centre location Smoking place

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