Nothing is plain standard here, but the aim is not to be fancy either. The cosy wood panelling and the French-bistro-style chairs are offset by a warm, airy colour scheme. Patrons Jeannette and Christian Stamm-Klaus put lots of innovative energy into their cooking, while drawing on solid Swiss, Bavarian and Italian traditions. A salad with red-and-white-striped Chioggia beetroot, grapefruit and fish roe is one of the more striking examples in the starters section. Mains include meat, fish and several vegetarian options, a curry and the delicious house speciality, home-made filled pasta. Service is very friendly. Reservation recommended.

(20 - 39Sfr)

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Open 09:00 - 23:30. Closed Sat, Sun.


Gemeindestrasse 60


+41 44 251 37 36


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