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Shopping in Zurich

Zurich has the reputation of a shopping city, even if not quite that of London or Milano. Especially Bahnhofstrasse is well known around the globe as one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping streets in the world. For Swiss and urban design, the area around Langstrasse is a good spot - check out our special. In the way of shopping malls, Switzerland can’t match other European countries where huge centres are the order of the day. But maybe that’s a good thing. The Sihlcity shopping centre, an easily reachable mall opened in 2007, is an example of an innovative development - without being a giant. The malls and best shopping areas of the city are listed here together with other remarkable shops.

Remember all shops are closed on Sundays except at the railway stations.

The main shopping areas are:
Bahnhofstrasse The Bahnhofstrasse leads from the main railway station to the lake and is mostly a pedestrian area almost without traffic - but watch out for the trams! It’s world-famous for its luxury stores: find jewellery, watches and designer boutiques as well as the big department stores Jelmoli, Globus and Manor here. In recent years not to everyone’s pleasure more and more big foreign companies like Apple have opened stores on Bahnhofstrasse displacing some traditional Zurich companies - some say Bahnhofstrasse is losing its atmosphere. Nevertheless a walk down this famous street is a must for every shopping fan. Wander into the side streets as well, where shops are no less luxurious and some more unusual little gems are hidden.

Niederdorf  Even if Niederdorf - the part of the old town east of the river Limmat - is better known for dining and nightlife than for shopping, it’s well worth expanding your shopping tour into this quarter. Along the streets Limmatquai and Niederdorfstrasse - both pedestrian areas - you will find smaller shops with up-to-date street wear, fancy shoes and fashion stores. The smaller alleys are also well worth a peek.

Old Town The old town between Bahnhofstrasse and the river Limmat is another shopping area not to miss. Try the pedestrian street Rennweg for example with its international clothing brands and boutiques or Storchengasse with its luxury designer stores, a genuine Zurich toys shop as well as cutlery and souvenir shops.


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