Berat In Your Pocket

Berat In Your PocketBerat's citadel
The stunning museum town of Berat, below majestic Mount Tomorri, is one of the best-preserved Ottoman cities in the Balkans. It has everything you require; a beautiful medieval castle district complete with ancient churches and mosques, a lively lower town consisting of grand old houses draped on steep hillsides, an old stone bridge and a great museum.

Just 125km south of Tirana, it's a two-hour drive via Durrës, slightly longer using one of the two dozen buses per day. You could hurry through on a daytrip, but you'd be a fool not to spend a night to experience this unique Unesco-listed city slowly. After all, the very best thing to do in town is joining the daily xhiro evening stroll along Bulevard Republika.

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