News Café (Ньюс Кафе)

The good news is that News Café has been providing quality international fare to scores of well-heeled locals and top notch foreigners for years. Friendly English-speaking staff oversee the delivery of a feast of food including some fine pasta dishes such as the knockout tagliatelle with rabbit ragout. There’s free wireless internet, a trendy layout and an overall laid-back feel to the place. The bad news is that because of this it’s quite often difficult to find a seat. Reserving a table is highly recommended.

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News Café (Ньюс Кафе) Comments

  • Still good,I have a meal here every time while in Minsk
  • One of the best places in Minsk to have a very good meal. Everything is servied professionally and the taste of food is amazing. Only one gap in the menu - absence of soups, but sometimes they serve them as specials. And also I would like to note wonderfull breakfast menu!
  • Great place very european!
  • Went on a Saturday night and got a table quite easily. The staff was really nice, the food was pretty good (I had the pasta with lemon and artichokes - - why does it seem like the Belarussians always use egg noodles?), and they were very good about allowing customers to linger even if they were finished eating. Because it's located across from the British Embassy, it's easy to see why the staff is all quite proficient at English. I would -definitely- recommend News Cafe, especially if you're looking for somewhere to go at night but don't want to deal with the club scene.
  • It's a great little place by Minsk standards. If it was anywhere else you probably wouldn't want to deal with girls looking for wealthy foreigners, attitudes and most of the tables being "reserved" on the weekend. To be fare the place is probably the most Western place in Minsk and food/coffee in pretty good and reasonably priced.
  • It's a great place and i always spend some times there, e.g. to have breakfast or in summer time to sit outside. I enjoy this place, nice staff, good. food.


Open 08:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 24:00.


ul. Karla Marxa 34 (ул. Карла Маркса, 34)


(+375 17) 327 78 67

Metro station:

Oktyabrskaya (Октябрьская)

Credit Cards Wi-fi Metro City centre location Outside seating Smoking place Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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