Taj (Тадж)

Opened to much blowing of trumpets, Taj is by all accounts a welcome addition to Minsk’s ever growing and ever improving restaurant scene. Bright, understated and modern with plenty of Indian touches, an Indian chef oversees the preparation of a good choice of food, some cooked in a tandoor oven plus a few vegetarian options as well. There’s an authentic Indian dance group during the weekends too, to really spice up the evening.

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Taj (Тадж) Comments

  • This is not what we call authentic Indian, though the quality of food is good enough and Indian dancing makes it worth coming:)
  • UPDATE After serveral awful meals there I sadly will have to save Indian nights when I'm away from Minsk. The curries are absolutely disgusting. The meat was never fresh and the sauce contained way too much ghee fat. Avoid until they hire a new chef or risk serious indigestion. So sad as a good Indian would be a great addition to the burgeoning restaurant scene here.
  • The interior design decor of this place is beautiful and someone has obviously paid a lot of attention to detail. It's shame that can't be said of the service. I think there were more people working than eating and yet we waited over an hour for our food and it took too long to be served. I don't like when people bother you all the time but service staff need to be trained to be more attentive. Slow service ruins even the best prepared food. The food was ok. Thankfully better than the only other Indian (Himalayan) restaurant in town which has gone downhill the past few years.


Open 12:00 - 24:00.


ul. Romanovskaya Sloboda 26 (ул. Романовская Слобода, 26)


(+375 44) 711 11 10
fax:(+375 17) 306 29 61

Metro station:

Frunzenskaya (Фрунзенская)

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