Shopping Centre Stolitsa (Подземный торговый центр "Столица")

Shopping Centre Stolitsa (Подземный торговый центр
According to many Minsk’s best shopping centre, Stolitsa is a great place for gift shopping as it’s got pretty much everything from clothes to alcohol to souvenirs. As well as heaps of retail outlets on three floors, this centrally located, 75,000 square-metre underground gem features a host of cafés, restaurants and, at the time of going to press, an internet café.

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Shopping Centre Stolitsa (Подземный торговый центр "Столица") Comments

  • Very nice mall, love the central area with the piano.
  • The "internet café" is still a construction-site.


Open 10:00 - 22:00.


Nezavisimosti pl. (Площадь Независимости)


(+375 17) 226 11 67
(+375 17) 226 18 31

Metro station:

Ploschad Lenina (Площадь Ленина)View in

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