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Do not be surprised with the state of some of the cars you get into.  There is no standard for vehicles that can be used as taxis in Sarajevo.  Some of the taxi drivers can be very nice and polite but a large number of them are not.  Don't be surprised if your taxi driver lights up a cigarette or turns up the volume on his stereo just because his favourite turbo folk song is on the radio.

The standard starting rate for taxis and the rate per kilometre is € 2 and €0.75 per kilometer.  
One hour waiting rate is € 7.5
There is no difference in price if you order a taxi in advance.  There are at least 50 different taxi ranks in the city.  To get a taxi you just need to stand on the street and stop one or simply call one of the taxi services.  There are about 1.200 taxis in the city.

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