Beef goulash with plums, fabulous home-made bread, vegetable soup served with a poached egg, a garden to sit in summer, a toasty interior in which to sip rakiya in winter and hospitable Bosnian staff speaking perfect English make this small restaurant set in a pretty, flower-filled courtyard in Sarajevo’s Old Town one of the best choices to eat at for any occasion.  


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Dveri Comments

  • Lovely restaurant -thanks for the great recommendation! The food was really nice and the ambience was great. Note to anyone trying to find Devri though it's hard to spot as it has a narrow entrance between two much bigger restaurants.
  • Cute little restaurant with good food. But they refused my Mastercard so maybe your information on credit card acceptance should be updated.


Open 09:00 - 23:00.


Prote Bacovica 12


(+387) 33 53 70 20



Credit Cards Smoking place

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