Voćni trg (Fruit Square) [Trg braće Radića]

Voćni trg (Fruit Square)
Now home to various shops and businesses, Trg braće Radić was once home to a bustling fruit market and so has been given the unofficial name of Voćni trg. This translates to, you might have guessed, fruit square. These days there's no fruit in sight, but there are several shops and points of interest that call this square home, including the Venetian castello and tower, both of which were constructed in 1435. The northern side of the square is dominated by the Milesi Palace, one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in Dalmatia. The statue that stands in front of the palace is relatively small but represents a large figure from Croatian history, that of Marko Marulić, a 15th-century poet who was one of the first literary figures to use Croatian language. The statue was created by another eminent Croatian historial figure, Ivan Meštrović.

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