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Zagreb In Your PocketPhoto by Boris Kačan

Until recently, Zagreb was treated as a point on the transit route to the coast. These days, however, Zagreb is a tourist destination in its own right, with guests electing to linger and enjoy cultural events and festivals as well as a whistle-stop sightseeing tour. The people of Zagreb, not jaded by the constant streams of tourists that invade other capitals, are glad to welcome visitors and proud to show off all the city has to offer. Equally, trips to the city's surroundings are becoming increasingly popular on the tourist itinerary. It takes just a few minutes to escape the city confines and enjoy the green and truly pleasant countryside coloured by local fetes, cultural and culinary festivals, criss-crossed by hiking and bike trails and dotted with glorious spots for outings. All of this makes Zagreb an ideal destination for a surprisingly varied short break with lots of things to do and enjoy!

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