Once you’ve sampled all the Croatian specialties, there are still more culinary delights to try. First stop: the rich and heavy food of Bosnia. You can try all types of Bosnian specialties like krumpiruša, kvrguša and urmašice and then move on to a scrumptious piece of baklava and authentic Turkish coffee. 

(24 - 130kn)

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Sofra Comments

  • I like that restaurant very much, we visit it once a week for a portion of cevapi, but all the other things I have tried are great as well.
  • I did not enjoy the food in this restaurant. Besides serving large portions of Bread with every meal, loads of flour to thicken every soup, the food over all is very oily and tasteless. As a healthy eater I say avoid this restaurant since it consists of: meat, potatoes, bread and loads of fatty oils! Another thing is the menu does not show all the ingredient in the dish, so if you have food allergies do not eat.
  • Amazing place and food! They have a new location where the food is even better then in the restaurant. Their 2nd restaurant is in Green Gold Shopping Center on Radnic(h)ka street
  • I always go to this place when I visit Zagreb. I advise you book a table since it get very busy during lunch and dinner hours. Spacious during summer period due to big balcony. They have large tables for 6 maybe 8 people Place is always filled up with people serves amazing authentic food big portions amazing staff and even better food. Try the turkish coffee (remember you sip it slowly) and try basically the cevapi or any other meat. As much as I was informed they do not serve pork.


Open 10:00 - 22:30, Sun 12:00 - 17:00.


Radnička cesta 52 (Green Gold Centre)


(+385-1) 411 16 21


Credit Cards Wi-fi Outside seating Smoking place Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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