Day of the Dead

Day of the DeadMirogoj cemetery
The celebration of this, the "Day of the Dead" (Dan mrtvih), is so impressively joyous and broad in this culture we're guessing you will be amazed. Every year on this date locals pay homage to friends and family that have died, trekking from wherever they live to the beautiful Zagreb cemetery Mirogoj in the early evening before the sun has gone down. They move as a great mass up the hill, walking together as a family or catching the never ending line of buses that have come together to move great numbers. The candles are so numerous it creates an effect that is almost like a second sunset, the glowing, flickering beauty seen from great distances. Of course flowers appear in great number and colourful abundance also. If you're in town this evening you absolutely must see the procession for yourself - it is both moving and tremendously beautiful.

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