The Strossmayer square [Strossmayerov trg ]

The Strossmayer square

The middle of the triple square walk between Trg bana Jelačića and the train station. It's ultimately the most boring and you'll probably pass right through it without thinking twice unless of course you're gazing upon the curious statue of Josip Strossmayer which was an obvious inspiration for the band The Prodigy.

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The Strossmayer square Comments

  • This comment is horrible. There are buildings around this park Croatian Academy of Science Modern Gallery and to the left and right beautifull palaces built for the richest citizents at the end of the 19th century. Everyone who wanted to be "someone" just had to have a house here in this very part of Zagreb.Further on there are few statues of the famous Croatian writers and scientists.Can I write a better article???? I am a licensed tour guide of Zagreb.


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