Adult entertainment in Frankfurt

Adult entertainment is big business in Frankfurt, unsurprising given the mix of large numbers of lonely business travellers and legal prostitution. The area known as Bahnhofsviertel, the block directly opposite Hauptbahnhof, is one of the largest red light districts in the world. Here are a number of Eros Centres, strip clubs, sex shops and chat-up bars (where women will talk to you while sipping the €50 glass of water that you’re paying). Beware of unscrupulous people hanging around this area, and be careful when entering an Eros Centre, bar or strip club. Always make sure you know the cost of anything you purchase before doing so, and employ as much common sense as you have left. Obey those rules and all will be fine; Frankfurt’s red light district is as safe, professional and organised as the sex industry gets.

Eros Centres are licensed brothels, without a Madame, where the working girls rent small rooms for the day, or just a few hours, and charge visitors upwards of €30 for twenty minutes of, well, whatever it is they want to do. A closed door means the young lady is busy, while an open door means you can go in and negotiate a price. As a rule Eros Centres are situated on four or five floors, and we are told that the price tends to get lower the higher you go (so it’s a pity there are no Eros Centres in any of the skyscrapers). Though you should keep an eye on your wallet, the sheer number of people coming and going make these places as safe as pop’s front porch. It is also, of course, in the girls’ interest to make sure that customers leave well pleased.

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MOULIN ROUGE - Forgot extremely !!!.. This hell place should be close.
Beware of Moulin Rouge ..!! The old ladies & men are b/witches or gollums extorting euros for sparling water they call champagne / vodka .. 2 idiots sitting inside behave as crowd when u enter .. girls from russia / ukraine pose as spanish / french & rip u off every penny in ur purse for nothing.. Just avoid ..!!
From my experience, the Eros centres are okay, but stay away from the ground floor bars, especially where they are enticing you to enter. If you look like a tourist (ie don't speak German fluently) they attempt to extort as much money out of you as possible, and become incredibly aggressive if you begin to question their motives.However, the girls in the Eros centres tend to either be Asian or from Eastern Europe, and they tend to congregate in specific buildings, so you will find one building full of Asians, one full of South Americans, and one full of Europeans. Unfortunately, no French or German women.
If there is a place not to go in Frankfurt - then it is this..Moulin Rogue. Don't know what they offer and they don't say it as well. You just pay for drinks and come out after speninding small amount - as nothing is expected here and nothing is informed. There are dumb girls who wil talk to you and drink highly priced drinks. You won't like their company even after the drinks! And they offer nothing except wanting to drink more and more.
I will echo John's comment about the Moulin Rouge. I couldn't get them to tell me the price of anything until after I supposedly owed them 200 euros. Stay away from that place.
Beware the Moulin Rouge. Extortion and empty promises for nothing cost 250 Euro.