Bochum's Bermuda Drei-angle

Bochum wants you to get lost — in its Bermuda 3eck (Dreieck meaning triangle).

No, it’s not a mysterious plane graveyard in the middle of Lake Kemnade; this Bermuda Triangle is a lively, downtown, nightlife district, bordered on three sides by the Südring, the Viktoria Straße, and the town’s railway line. For the ultimate pub crawl, throw away your compass and navigate your way through more than 60 bars, lounges and restaurants of every stripe, as well as cinemas and nightclubs, most of which can be found clustered around the Bruder Straße and the Kerkwege. A veritable global marketplace, the Triangle offers gastronomic examples from every culture imaginable: from Dutch pommes frites to Cuban cocktails, vindaloos to sushi, pizzas to Pernod, and burritos to bratwursts. And when we say lively, we mean lively: the Bermuda 3eck gets over three million visitors each year: 30,000 per day in the summer and occasionally up to 150,000 (almost half the population of Bochum itself) when large events or festivals are on nearby. So if you’re visiting Bochum, head for the Bermuda 3eck — and get lost. For more information visit

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