This Mexican bar and cantina might not be the most authentic South of the Border experience, but for a night of drinking their giant cocktails and margaritas are hard to beat — and after 23.00, the margaritas are half-price. They’re also available for take-away if you feel like stumbling down the road for some currywurst.

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Sausalitos Comments

  • Ummm...No. I am from Texas and stayed in Bochum for a year on a project. I went to Sausalitos and it is far from being Tex-Mex. The margaritas tasted like lemonade. The food is what German's think that Tex-Mex should taste like.If you are a homesick American don't expect anything great here.


Open 16:00-01:00, Fri, Sat 16:00-02:00.


Kortum Str. 13


+49 234 239 94 30

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