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The German Menu

Auflauf casserole
Bohnen green beans
Dorsch cod
Erbsensuppe pea soup
Forelle trout
Gurkensalat cucumber salad
Kohlroulade cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat
Klösse dumplings
Kraut cabbage
Kraftbrühe bouillon
Krautwickerl stuffed cabbage
Lachs salmon
Nudeln noodles
Pilze mushrooms
Radi horseradish
Reis rice
Rösti potato pancakes fried with onion and butter
Scholle plaice
Spargel asparagus
Thunfisch tuna
Zwiebeln onions

Fleisch Meat

Braten roast beef
Bratwurst fried pork sausage
Ente duck
Hackbraten meatloaf (braten indicates a roast of some kind)
Hühnchen chicken
Jägerschnitzel cutlet with mushroom sauce
Kalbfleisch veal
Lammkotelette lamb chop
Leberwurst liver sausage
Nierchen kidneys
Rindfleisch beef
Rippchen smoked pork chops
Sauerbraten beef roast braised in wine or vinegar
Schinken ham
Schlachtplatte mixed sausages, sauerkraut and potatoes
Schweinshaxl grilled knuckle of pork
Tafelspitz braised beef with horseradish
Weisswurst veal and herb sausage
Wurst sausage

Nachspeise Dessert

Eis mit heissen Kirchen ice cream with hot cherries
Erdbeeren strawberries
Kuchen cake
Obstsalat fruit salad
Schlagsahne whipped cream
Schwarzwälder Kirchtorte Black Forest Cake, a chocolate cake with cherries, whipped cream, grated chocolate

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  • simone morrison - huntsville , alabama 10 January 2013
    Everything there wrote about hanau is true . It's my home town and it's very beautiful.

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