Fürst Bismarck

Quite the best location next to the Hauptbahnhof, don't be put of by what (or who) you find in the lobby, for upstairs awaits quality renovated rooms with lots of fancy trimmings and some with great views. Highly recommended if you like clean rooms, cable television and getting good value for your money.

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Fürst Bismarck Comments

  • Are you sure this review is based on the right hotel!I stayed at this hotel on 20/02/2008 for 2 nights based on the above comments and I was very disappointed. I paid extra for a double room with a queen bed. On arrival I was given a small twin. I went to complain and was grudgingly given a double but still not a queen bed. The hotel is very noisy through the night due to an open lift and staircase in the centre of the hotel next to the rooms, and very noisy cleaners from 8am. The rooms were clean but small and there were no fancy trimmings, no great view, and no quality renovation. The only English speaking channel was CNN. There is no hotel bar, a very small lobby, no minibar or safe in the rooms and no tea/coffe in the rooms. The only thing I agree with is the location. I have stayed in cities all over Europe and would say this is a 1* hotel not 3*.


Kirchenallee 49


+49 40 280 10 91
fax:+49 40 280 10 96




30 singles €80 - 95
71 doubles €108 - 115

Public transport:


Credit Cards Guarded parking Non-smoking

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