We are not certain yet if the name refers to the patronage or the staff. In either case, this large corner bar always seems to be full and lively at weekends. With two electronic dart boards, a kicker table and a massive bar, one could be inclined to overlook the worn-around-the-edges feel. Beers start at €1.80, shots for €2.50 and a metre of beer for €15.

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Witches Comments

  • I was at Witches in December 2010 for my last night in Germany and the bartender Florian was from the same part of Ohio as me. Such a sick bar, never been to any bar like it! WE ARE GERMANS!!!!
  • happy new year,s to all of you at witches keep up the good work
  • i would like to wish a marry christmas to all of you at witches thank you for the time i had when i was there .tell eaverone i side hi
  • I was over there in 2002 and Iwent to Witches all the time - is richard still there? And Uwe Backmann? I lost his phone number. You are the best in K-town, so write sometime, I would like to hear from you all. Kirk, kirkthomas12@yahoo.com
  • Loved it while I lived in Germany!!!
  • I think this is the best bar in K-Town. I luv Nadia.


Open 17:00-01:00, Thu, Fri, Sat 17:00-02:00. Closed Sun.


Steinstr. 24-26


+49 631 360 72 53
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