PACHA München

The music and events here are always a hit on both dance floors, separated by a movable wall. Once the wall goes up, the party really begins, when the professional dancers come out on the catwalk and put on a show. Champagne or sparking wine is the drink of choice at this posh club.

Thurs. €6: Fri.-Sat. €10

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PACHA München Comments

  • was alone in Munich and went to pacha.entry guys were very friendly and clientele in the club were easy going. music was great mix and not too loud. loved the fact that one had a choice of the more grown up pacha and the adjacent techno Club.and there was was a little outside terrace.lots of hot guys too..will definately be backIsabella fr London.


Thurs. 18:30-open end; Fri. & Sat. 22:00-open end


Maximiliansplatz 5


+49 89 30 90 50 85 55

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