Café Schiller

A knockout with fight fans, this so-called café is actually a lively bar with more boxing memorabilia than Don King has enemies. Those not inclined to the 'sweet science' can take a swing at local beers on draught or watch sporting events live via satellite on three TVs, though it must be said that watching the clientele of various nationalities, ages and backgrounds is often just as engaging. Surprisingly, the daily lunch specials are cheaper than the brews.

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Café Schiller Comments

  • its a sleezy horrible dive the old coloured woman behind bar robs people on price of beer asks for tips and needs to cover her self up a bit she is past her sell by date as is the lady with the long blonde hair think she thinks she is still 20 yrs old she has got jowels longer than a turkey not to mention the wrinkles quite sickly really
  • Every year I come to Munich for the Oktoberfest. I have been coming for ten years. It is wonderful; but I always make a point of visiting the world famous Boxers Cafe when I am in town. You can spend the whole day looking at the memorabilia on the walls. The greatest boxers who ever lived. The place has a grand atmosphere. The beer is good. And the staff are friendly. In particular the lady from Ethiopia who works behind the bar always greets this old Scotsman with great kindness. I will be visiting the Boxer's Cafe again this year. It is a Munich landmark. A fixed point in the landscape.


Open 09:00-06:00.


Schillerstr. 3


+49 89 55 71 43


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