Weisses Brauhaus

Weisses Brauhaus
Many brewery houses have gained notoriety in Munich and the world over the years, but Schneider Weisse stands out with its casual beer hall and, most of all, its unusual milky brown brew. Just try to order something else and the wait staff will convince you otherwise. Europe's first patented wheat beer is also available mixed with other alcohol for extra zing or with fruit syrup, the famous Berliner Weisse. A lengthy menu of Bavarian treats is on offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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Weisses Brauhaus Comments

  • Excellent schnitzel and of course outstanding weissebier! I recommend #'s 1,6 and 7 in the beer selection.


Open 07:00-02:00.


Tal 7


+49 89 290 13 80



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