Taverna tou Psirri

As you can probably guess from our list of recommendations, we are huge fans of original Greek tavernas serving real Greek food with no frills and attitude attached. This is definitely one of those places that has survived for decades in an area full of frills and attitude and poor excuses for Greek restaurants. They do fish and they do meat and day specials and everything is simply excellent. The wine is decent and comes from a barrel, the atmosphere is welcoming and the staff are trying their best when the place is packed. As for the bill, just don't worry about it. 


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Taverna tou Psirri Comments

  • Last April this restaurant became my favorite, yes, all time favorite. It offers everything you could ever want from a restaurant. Excellent food, delightful waiters (and a nice waitress), plenty of people and noise (the good kind)and if you sit by the entrance you can people-watch to your heart´s content. I can hardly wait to be back there, where even the octopus is supremely delicious.
  • I am a foreigner who lived in Athens for 3 years. This taverna is my favourite place to eat in all of Athens. The back garden is a rare oasis of shade in the middle of a roasting concrete city centre, and the inside has funny cartoons painted on the walls. The food has always been delicious during my numerous visits. For picky eaters, I recommend ordering according to what is recommended as tasty. Ask for the waiter's opinion or the opinion of a Greek at the next table. They don't bite. If you have an open mind about Greece to start with, you will prefer this place to others. If you expect American service, every place in Greece will disappoint you so you might as well not bother. If you want value for money when eating out in Greece, check out where the old Greek men go. If you want young and trendy, be prepared to spend more. Note: one of my Greek friends wasn't impressed by the food, but that was because he was used to eating french fries cooked in extra virgin olive oil by his mother. As for the "least busy" comment by Dave, you can't see the garden at the back from the road. In the summer it is packed, as it was when I was there a couple weeks ago. In the winter the indoors part is packed. Enough said.
  • I differ with Dave only in how busy it was. It was actually busy when we visited, there were lots of locals on a Saturday lunchtime.Food looked interesting, but on tasting it, we were rather disappointed. They all lacked in flavour, as if they were frozen or cooked with inferior quality ingredients. Portion size was very generous. Bill for two came to 26 euros, so it is not so cheap either. We were mystified why there were so many locals dining.Not worth returning on our part.
  • After reading reviews in two different travel guides for Taverna tou Psirri we arrived with great expectations. Saddly dissappointed. The beef casserole was dry and tasteless and the pork steak was just reasonable. You are correct that there are no frills and no attitude, also there is no interest as well. We were given no menu and simply taken to the counter to choose precooked meals. I would call it basic food at a basic price. As we walked down Eschylou, the Taverna tou Psirri was the least busy of the many eateries in the Psirri district. This is 9PM on a Saturday, enough said.


Open 12:00-01:30.


Eschylou 12, Psirri


(+30) 210 3214923

Metro station:


Metro City centre location Child-friendly Air-conditioning

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