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A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes

A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes
If our History section has you hankering for more, a new book by its writer, Jonathan Bardon, encapsulates thousands of years of Irish history in an eminently readable and highly enjoyable format.

Stretching from the Ice Age to NI's peace settlement, A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes began life as a BBC Radio Ulster series and, like the series, each episode can be read at random to reveal this island's fascinating history.

Alternatively, the episodes read in sequence provide a complete narrative history of Ireland. Invasions, battles, the Reformation, the Georgian era, the Famine, rebellions and resistance, the difference of Ulster, partition, the 20th Century... there is nothing that evades Bardon's meticulous eye.

This Dublin born and educated Belfast native is the author of numerous Irish history books, including A History of Ulster and Dublin: A Thousand Years of Wood Quay. Bardon has also scripted numerous radio & TV programmes for BBC NI, BBC Radio Ulster and RTÉ, and contributes regularly on historical subjects to the Irish Times and broadcast media in Dublin and Belfast.

Discover stories rich in history - both on a grand and personal scale - through Bardon's distinct and unrivalled writing. Available in all good book shops and published by Gill & Macmillan (€29.99/£22.99).

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