Doll’s Hospital and Teddy Bear Clinic

Doll’s Hospital and Teddy Bear Clinic
Such was the outcry at the news this Dublin institution was to close down that our radio waves were filled with worried callers, until the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre stepped in and rehoused this wonderful shop in their Georgian ballroom. As you look around you suddenly realise how much effort goes into making a dolls house. All walls are packed with displays of miniature furniture, doors, windows, food and utensils... and there is even a display of wallpapers and floor coverings, while a restoration service is available to bring life back into an old house. You can create your own dolls or attend the Dolls School and make your own princess porcelain doll. Upstairs at the Teddy Bear Clinic you are asked to stay quiet for the patients. All old, ill or torn teddy bears and dolls can be brought here to be mended and loved back to health. With over 21 years of experience, let Melissa do her best for your loved one.

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Doll’s Hospital and Teddy Bear Clinic Comments

  • Hi do u fix soft toys my little girl has a stuffed monkey that need a lot of t.l.c
  • do u clean and restful teddy bears I've a large teddy since I was 1 (I'm not almost 39 !!!!) It's in desperate need a freshen up Hope you can help Thanks Gillian
  • Sinead - please contact the Doll's Hospital directly for advice on fixing your daughter's dolly. Good luck!
  • Hi I was wondering if you could help me. My daughter has a doll that she takes everywhere with her. To her its a real baby. The problem is she has drawn on its face with pen and marker and it has become very dirty with wear and tear. I've tried everything to get it off . Have you any ideas or could I buy special paint for it. Please any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sinead.
  • I love the doll store i have bought sooo many things in it. Congrats in your new store
  • going there next year so excited
  • A great big Thank you to all the staff at the dolls hospital for fixing a doll which i,ve had for over 40 years and needed two new eyes. Just received it through the post this morning and i,m delighted. The staff are so friendly and very helpful. My only problem now is i,ll hav a fight on my hand when my own two daughters come home from school each wanting to claim her!! Thankyou all so much again. Well worth a trip to Dublin.
  • I think this is a brilliant idea for kids imaginations come true and such a god thing to be looking at its like your in a little world of a doll city i cant wait 2 go 2morrow
  • I am excited to visit your Doll shop the end of October. I am a miniature enthusiast from Versailles KY USA. I belong and active with the National Association of Miniature Enthusias for more than 30 years. I have been collecting and love making all sorts of vignettes. I especially love the older dollhouses and their accessories. This will be my fourth trip to Ireland. It never gets old. I love the people country side and everything old Ireland has to offer. I have traveled with the same group the previous three trips and our guide is from Dublin. We will be visiting the South west area of Ireland; Waterford Cobh Blarney Dingle Killarney; via bus. Probably will not get to see Tara'sPalace. Are there any other miniature shops or such in the south west area of Ireland. I will gladly comment when I get back home.
  • I have to thank the lovely ladies nurses at the Dollstore for putting new eyes in my daughters favourite doll on 11 June 2011. To see my daughter's face when I brought her home to Belfast...would have made you weep with joy! Thank God for such a magical place!Donnaxxx
  • hi the teddy bear clinic is great neaver been there but i heard from a book about it
  • Contact the Doll's Hospital directly for all teddy bear traumas - ed.
  • can u fix a teddy bear for my daughter as its very sick and in need of care
  • my 4year old little girl has baby born and baby borns left eye got damaged when she was in play school can u fix baby borns eye 4 my little girl who is very upset
  • The best thing i have heard of .can i bring my 2 teddy bears here
  • Take a trip back in time, it's wonderfull & a hidden treasure
  • It's all of the above & much much more. Well worth a visit.


Mon - Sat 10:00 - 17:30.


Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, 59 South William Street, D2


(+353)(0)1 478 3403

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