Merrion Square

In a city renowned for its Georgian architecture, this has to be the era's showpiece square - and certainly the city's largest. It is framed on three sides by beautifully maintained Georgian houses, and on the fourth by the Natural History Museum, National Art Gallery and the garden of Leinster House, the Irish Parliament. Once inside the park, look for the recumbent statue of Oscar Wilde who lived at No. 1 Merrion Square, and Father Ted fans can find a throne-like chair dedicated to the memory of comedian Dermot Morgan. Other famous residents included WB Yeats, who resided at No. 82, and 19th Century MP and champion of Catholic Emancipation Daniel O'Connell. Walking around its perimeter you will see a wide variety of those famous multi-hued Georgian doors, many of which bear plaques commemorating their well-known residents. It's a perfect spot for tourists to sit down, have some lunch and plan their next sightseeing adventure. On Sundays from 10:00 - 18:30, the railings of the park become an art gallery with all paintings available for sale. If you have an eye for upcoming talent, you could well come away with your very own treasure. All artists are listed alphabetically on


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Open: Mon-Sat 08:00, Sun 10:00. Closed  according to daylight hours.

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