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Kaunas In Your Pocket

Kaunas In Your Pocket
It's been a whole 12 months since we last reported from Kaunas, and the news is more or less what we expected it to be. Spring has finally arrived, and at the time of going to press at the end of May Lithuania's second city is busy transforming itself from its annual snowbound ghost-town personality into a city that, for a few months at least, will be once again experimenting with a life spent mostly outdoors.

In Kaunas this means the addition of a handful of new bars and restaurants offering more diversity than ever, good news indeed for a city that little more than five years ago struggled to cook a decent meal or pull a decent pint. Yes indeed, and find all the best new places and much more besides tucked away within the pages of this handsome little website.

Surplus to the usual run-down of irresistible places to eat and drink in, as always Kaunas In Your Pocket delves into other worlds, reporting on everything from hotel rooms to hospitals. For those visitors who need more than a bed and a bar stool, our Sightseeing section continues to blossom, with the addition of even more places to experience that both entertain and give background to a city that's witnessed one of the most turbulent and dreadful histories in the whole of Europe.

Pay particular attention to the enlarged Jewish Kaunas section and enjoy Kaunas whatever reason you're here for. Comments, suggestions, threats of violence and other means of expression as always to

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