Žaliakalnis Funicular

Žaliakalnis Funicular

The 140m Žaliakalnis Funicular is the nearest of the two funiculars to the city centre and is a fun ride in itself as well as a quick way of getting from the city centre to the area around Savanorių at the top of the hill. The ride costs just €0.30, with tickets sold at the bottom station only. If you’re travelling with children beware of the doors, which open and close automatically. Sometimes they don’t close properly and can be left wide open during the journey. Find the bottom station just two minutes from the centre between Putvinskio and Aušros, and the top station, which also doubles as a photographic gallery, immediately south of the Christ's Resurrection Church.

Tickets €0.30.

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Žaliakalnis Funicular Comments

  • Aleksoto funikulierius seems not to be in service at the moment. 27th May 2011 15 00.


Open 07:00 - 19:00, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 19:00.


Aušros 6


(+370) 37 42 58 82



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