Pan de Rossa

Located in the Valley of Three Ponds (just east of F-5 on the map) – one of the city’s most popular recreation areas, Pan de Rossa makes more than just an appetising diversion for those creaking around on their bicycles. Unfortunately it’s given up its fantastic terrace overlooking the pond and moved across the road and into the trees. However it has substituted the views for a fresh, modern décor with lots of light through its large windows. The menu remains a dissertation on local grilled fish and game dishes but has upped the Polish selections, likely to cater to a more local audience. The interior is certainly more upscale and business oriented, so cyclists and walkers in the warmer months are likely to stick to the covered outdoor patio. Terrace closed from November-February.


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Open 10:00 - 23:00.


ul. Trzech Stawów 23 (os. Paderewskiego)


(+48) 32 256 05 52


Wi-fi Takeaway Facilities for disabled Non-smoking

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