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While it would be inaccurate to claim the Poles as being a deeply superstitious nation visitors will be delighted to know the country has more than its fair share of quirky beliefs and customs. The international code of fearing smashed mirrors and walking under ladders is of course commonplace.

More alien to the foreigner will be the belief that lighting a cigarette off a candle spells the imminent death of a sailor; something to bear in mind when sparking up down the pub particularly if you are near the sea. If you’re thinking of getting married, getting hitched in a month that features the letter ‘r’ brings good luck. Get married in May (Maj) for instance and you could be tempting the early death of yourself or your partner. Beware when seating people for a meal. An unmarried woman should never sit at the corner of a table as this will ensure she stays unmarried.

Serial killers should be aware that keeping a corpse in a house over the weekend means a relative of the deceased will also die; a crafty way of increasing your killing tally. Spilling salt or cutting your hair before an exam also spells disaster. In fact, if you’ve got final exams coming up, don your finest red underpants; you’ll pass with flying colours.

If you’ve got kids, tie a red ribbon around their pram to fend off evil. If you get defecated on by a bird, don’t worry, good luck lies around the corner. Finally, our favourite; if a chimney sweep comes into view hold any button until you see a man in glasses, make a wish, and your desires will soon come true.

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