Cafe Wiedeńska

Cafe Wiedeńska
A royal trip back in time with a mock ballroom feel accentuated by chandeliers, portraits of Imperial-looking blokes and Brahms booming from the speakers. The overall effect is diluted somewhat by a EU flag that hangs enigmatically inside, crappy plastic flowers and a look that declares this place hasn’t been spruced since Gorbachev was preaching perestroika. Still, that does nothing to deter the golden oldies who visit to enjoy the cakes that sit behind the glass counter, or visiting the restaurant upstairs for meaty mains like Viennese veal. 

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Cafe Wiedeńska Comments

  • Ugh... it took 20 minutes for three employees to make a latte and a cappuccino and then when we asked for the bill, they thought it would be cute to charge us 14pln for our cheese cake by claiming that it was an extra 7pln for whipped cream and a cherry. Considering when he asked if we wanted the traditional or the extra with fruit we said traditional and pointed to the one advertised in the glass cooler. He did take it off, but we had to make a fuss in Polish a bit. More for the older crowd.


Open 09:00 - 22:00, Sat 09:00 - 23:00.


Pl. Wolności 6


(+48) 663 77 69 20


Credit Cards Wi-fi Takeaway Facilities for disabled Child-friendly Non-smoking Air-conditioning

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