Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel
Boutique is a perfect example of the dramatic improvement in the Łódź hotel sector that’s taken place since we first started writing guides here in 2006. After replacing Hotel Raff (which really did put the Raff in Riff-Raff) on ul. Milionowa with a modern 65-room hotel Boutique takes that successful recipe of stylish bathrooms, giant flatscreen televisions and an inviting lobby to a second brand new location at the city’s center. Just steps off Piotrkowska, Boutique’s stylish new addition also has free monitored parking and there is even a fitness center on Al.Piłsudskiego available for guests. One of the better turnarounds we’ve seen. Also at (G-4) ul. Milionowa 25, (D-6) Al. Piłsudskiego 10/14 and (G-4) ul. Stefanowskiego 17.

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ul. Rewolucji 1905r. 8


(+48) 42 630 63 15



67 Total rooms
20 singles
40 doubles
4 triples
2 suites
1 apartment

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